What we do

At the start and from then on, we are close to our clients wherever help and advice are needed, at any stage of the business. We build the solutions according to the challenges, and not the other way around.

Launch Case Study

We support entrepreneurs in the ideation and launch of a new business or startup.

  • Business plan
  • Definition of financing strategy and roadmap
  • Start-up Launch – support to start-ups from ideation to launch and implementation in the market
  • Partner matchmaking – national and international partnerships
Expand Case Study

We support the definition, activation and potentiation of critical factors, so enhancing competitiveness for organizations with a focus on the global market, and providing essential tools to increase their activities and operations.

  • Market study
  • Monitoring of programmes and applications for national funding programmes (PT2030 and other incentives)
  • Monitoring of programmes and applications for European incentives (Horizon Europe, EEA Grants)
  • SIFIDE and other tax relief or tax benefit schemes
  • Bank financing
  • Venture Capital
  • Support for the constitution of national and European consortiums
Innovate Case Study

We support organizations in the management of various factors which impact their innovation cycles, boosting their business activities and fostering the materialization of concepts and ideas in differentiated solutions.

  • Defining and elaborating of open innovation and collaborative innovation strategies
  • Forming partnerships with National and European universities and research centres
  • Supporting the transformation of R&D into a real business
  • Supporting the structuring of RDI cycles – Research, Development and Innovation
Manage Case Study

We advise in the management, coordination, and monitoring of projects for the organizations we collaborate with. We streamline the entire process through the implementation of specific methodologies and maintain continuous communication with the client.

  • Outsourcing CFO
  • Project management
  • Partnership management
  • Supporting the implementation of funded projects
  • Financial compliance, administrative, and financial management of projects
  • Coordinating and supporting administrative, financial management, and the dissemination of projects in consortium
  • Reviewing and resubmitting applications for incentives and funding programmes

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